Accounting services
Calmness and confidence due to the order in documents, registers, relations with contractors
Accounting functions
from simple to complex
Formation of outgoing documents of the company
The accountant competently and timely prepares the sale of your goods (services) and transfers them to the specified addressee in the form that you define: on paper, by e-mail, messenger, telecommunication channels, courier. The option includes tracking the return of the signed document and archiving it.
Introduction of primary documentation into the program
Based on primary documents (originals or scans), the accountant enters data into the program. The document must be archived immediately. The accountant can also (in accordance with the terms of the contract) request and receive documents from the counterparty. This function is very convenient for freeing up the time of the person responsible for the workflow (in a small business - the manager).
Reconciliation of calculations
Depending on the size of the company, calculations are reconciled at least once a month. At this stage, discrepancies are identified and eliminated. Reconciliations are carried out with both commercial and government agencies.
Timely payroll, vacation, sick leave; issuance of certificates to employees. Control over the correctness and timeliness of the transfer of funds to individuals. Cash withdrawal from the cash desk, transfer to cards.
Bank operations
Our accountant can carry out banking transactions in accordance with the verbal or electronic order of an authorized person. All operations are recorded in the program and are visible to the manager or controller. Banking transactions can be carried out in any currency. We are fully responsible for every penny on your account !!!
Reporting to the IFTS, off-budget funds
Based on your documents and already formed registers, when posting primary documentation, wages, offsetting and other facts of economic activity, we form all the necessary declarations, we carry out VAT rku with counterparties before sending via TCS. We send all reports in a timely manner, we monitor the receipt of confirmation of the acceptance of the declaration
Accompanying the receipt of banking products
We prepare in full and provide the bank with a package of documents for obtaining a bank guarantee, letter of credit, credit. Our employee will take care of all the arrangements and preparation of the deal.
We offer various service packages
The range of services and cost are approximate. Calculated individually for each client
Package "Start"
- Up to 30 operations per month
- Up to 3 employees with a stable salary
- No tax and financial optimization
75 £
per month
Package "Medium"
-Up to 100 operations
- Up to 5 employees
- No tax and financial optimization
- No additional banking and other financial products
250 £
per month
Medium Well Package
- Up to 200 operations
- Up to 15 employees
- Tax and financial optimization
- Service of crediting, leasing
- Legal support
400 £
per month
Corporation package
Any services of the company without restrictions
up 1000 £
per month
Approximate calculation of the cost of accounting services
Depends on the number of banking operations per month (pcs)
up to 30 operations
up 31 to 100 operations
up 101 to 200 operations
up 201 to 500
Entering the primary documentation into the program
Formation and transfer of realizations (acts, invoice, other) to the company
Reconciliation of calculations
Payroll (up to 5 people)
Bank operations
Reporting IFTS, off-budget funds
Accompanying the receipt of banking products
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