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Our advantages
Reducing the cost of staff that does not make money
This is about everyone except salespeople. We employ chief accountants, lawyers, HR managers, auditors, financiers, analysts, sales coaches, appraisers, programmers, various experts with at least 5 years of experience. By concluding an agreement with us, you get the opportunity to work with them without hiring additional employees with unknown qualifications. We monitor the level of qualifications of our specialists ourselves. Each specialist undergoes compulsory training at least 3 times a year
Turnkey accounting and finance
We will unload your salesperson, taking upon ourselves all the accounting worries: we will issue and send an invoice, make payments, form the primary, check with the supplier, and take the signed documents ourselves. Our programmer will solve any problem of setting up software products, generating any reports. Qualitatively, on time, legally, we will form and send any reports, we will answer all the requirements.
Personal manager
A personal manager will help you find a common language even with an accountant. In case difficulties and disagreements arise, the personal manager will speak the same language with you. Will settle all issues, help find additional solutions and opportunities. Will select the right specialists, control the timing and quality of execution.
Optimizing taxes, increasing profits
Our task is to increase the owner's profit through stable and sustainable growth of the company. We carry out multivariate analysis and detailed budgeting for the next 3 years. We help to plan business development. We identify weaknesses, cutting costs and taking advantage of unrealized opportunities.
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    Accounting service
    Maintenance, organization and restoration of accounting and tax accounting. Formation of accounting policies. Archiving and storage of documents. Electronic document flow and reporting to regulatory authorities.
  • 2
    The financial analysis
    Any depth of financial analysis of your business, calculation of indicators, identification of "weak" points. Budgeting. Cash flow statement. Optimization recommendations.
  • 3
    Personnel and staff
    High-quality recruitment for any of your requests. Registration of labor relations, maintenance and restoration of personnel records. Monitoring compliance with labor legislation.
  • 4
    Tax cleanliness
    Checking counterparties for tax integrity. Analysis of the counterparty for the availability of assets to fulfill obligations under the contract with inspection. Control over the completeness of documentary evidence of the application of tax deductions.
  • 5
    Legal support
    Consulting, preparation of any documents for contractors and government agencies. Examination of the contract moat. Collection of receivables. Representation in court.
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    Additional services
    Evaluation, examination, revision of modules of your programs, development of new tools and much more. Tell your personal manager your need and it will be satisfied.
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